Home decorating

Finally at least one corner at home looks pretty! Yesterday our pillows with our own photographs arrived- ordered at smartphoto.fi. I don’t know why you have to order the whole pillow when the pillowcase alone would have been fine, but anyways they look great!



The New York photo is my favourite (my own snapshot!)

It is amazing how a picture not that great in colour looks much better in b/w.

Put your own picture onto glass

I have spent a big part of my free time in Pinterest lately. Repinning and getting one great craft idea after the other. Just, sometimes one should sit down and DO THEM.

So having my father’s birthday coming up just too soon, I decided to try out one idea which promised an easy transfer of an own photograph onto a glass. Yeah, sure. As my father loooooves presents which involve a family portrait I had to try it, though. The idea originally comes from the lovely blog “inspired ideas” (link: click here). Be careful, you might spend hours reading interesting articles in that blog!

And let me promise you this: it is easy and it is just gorgeous!

And here is how it is done:

1) Print a picture. I have a laser printer, but a photocopy works as well. Ink jet: sorry, does not work! I tried it out with a coloured picture, works also well, but the best is a picture with high contrast, so try out the black/white settings or take a copy of an old black & white photograph.

2) Now tape a piece of contact paper over the picture. It should be about the size of the picture, but it does not matter, if it is bigger, as the white colour of the paper will not stick to the contact paper, logically.

3) Rub the contact paper onto the photograph (or vice versa). I tried it with my fingernail and a coin.

4) Now it time for a little bath. You can cute the paper to the right size to have it easier later. Let the package soak in warm water for about 10 minutes.

5) Carefully tear away the paper from the contact paper, better leaving pieces onto it than pulling it away to hard. You don’t want to miss a nose or a foot later on.

6) Nearly done. Now rub the rest of the paper veeeeeery carefully away from the picture. It works best under running water. Then just allow the picture to dry so that the contact paper will get sticky again. When dry, you might see some small remains from the paper that you missed, but a little more water and rubbing gets them away.

It was such a cool moment to put the picture onto a glass. Okay, you cannot put it in the dish washer, but it is definately a very personal present!