A pearl necklace for my mom

As again my mom’s birthday came just too soon, I had just one idea for her present: a handmade pearl necklace.

To make her this time a pearl jewel with a loooooots of pearls, as I have seen many in the shops in these days, I tried a new approach to the matter:

I took a nice light chain and started to add pearls to it with a thin silver wire. And oh, it took hours… Sometimes it felt as if I hadn’t done anything because the necklace looked the same as when beginning my session. To each single ring of the chain I added about ten pearls, so it is a loooot of pearls.

With the time I felt that the chain was also getting heavier also I used light wax pearls, so I decided that I would add pearls only on the part, which is really seen and let some part of the beautiful silver chain free of pearls. This would also help that the pearls would not tear on my mom’s long hair.

In order to make the necklace more interesting I used pearls different in size and colour. Mostly I used pearls in different shades of white, but sometimes I added also a light blue or pink one.

In the end it looked like this:

My mom called me after her birthday and said that she really liked it but unfortunately the mail had obviously been shaken so badly that many pearls had come of.

If you make this kind of pearl necklace, please check the chain that the links are well closed and that the pearls are not too firm together to avoid them breaking off during transportation.

The beauty of this necklace comes also from the fact that it changes slightly all the time. The pearls fall to a different place nearly every time as they are not too firm together. When they are able to move,the necklace also is not too stiff. I also recommend to end the pearl line on every side with having less and less pearls per link, so that it is not a too harsh ending where the chain itself comes into sight.

New jewels

At the moment I am concentrating my free time on making new jewels, mostly necklaces to sell. It is not that I would not keep them myself, but I thought in the beginning, the best practice in inventing new patterns, new ideas to combine colours and different shapes is to simply do and then sell them to keep storage small. Just the selling part is of course staying at zero as I have not really made any marketing to friends and family or anywhere and I have to admit the pictures also could be better. The sun shone so lovely that I took pictures outside, but that was just too much light.

But at least some success in the last time as I finished my first necklace with three rows of pearls. I wanted to make a completely different jewel but then I saw the colours and could not resist to the beautiful shades of the pearls fitting so good together. So once again a necklace kind of made itself.

A new project: my first products for sale

And this is the reason why I have been so silent in the last time: I made my first products for sale. Just to try it. My first product to be sold on the internet is a rainbow pearl necklace that I like very much.

You can find it on http://www.taitomaa.fi/shop/Pearlkitchen

For the start I chose Taitomaa as a selling place, because at the beginning of selling something for fun I would not like to pay anything and still be kind of a part of a community selling handmade products.

So, and now I should get back to uploading more products to the service. See you later 😉


My Mother’s Day present: a handmade pearl necklace

In a shop I saw a nice necklace and I was thinking about to buy it for my mom, but the I realized that it should not be that difficult to make it myself. Of course the product was then completely different than the one in the shop, but I think my mom will love it.

The best above all was that it took me only two evenings to make it! I was very surprised. Though, it took also a lot of shouting and being annoyed about pearls falling down and rolling across the floor. As if my fingers are not used to these tiny pearls anymore.

Well, it all started that I got the idea to cut a small piece of thin wire and to turn it around the pearl tweezers near to one end of the wire. With the tweezers in the slope I turned it once to both sides until the end, so that the slope looked like this:

Then I threaded one pearl onto the wire so that both ends of the wire went into the pearl and the slope stayed outside the end of the whole of the pearl. Then I turned the outstanding end of the wire around until the end went into the pearl. When pulling carefully I got another slope.

I continued with more pearls always threading one pearl behind the other and after some pearls I added a small additional metal ring, so that the necklace would not be too regular. A little break from the normal pattern makes it more alive. At four points I added also some other shiny parts, because my mom likes all shiny and sparkling.

After some slopes and turning the tweezers it just started to flow and I made half of the necklace at the first evening in only a few hours. So of course I was anxious to come home and continue. I tried many times how long I needed to make the necklace, so that it does not get too long or too short.

And this is how it looks now, only missing a nice package – and the pop-up card.

bird’s nest wine glass charms

I started (very early, I know) to make some small Easter presents for my best friend. I saw the idea of bird’s nest charms on this page and wanted to use the idea for wine glass charms. So when my friend has visitors for a glass of wine, they can put the charms around the stem of the glass so that everyone recognizes his glass – and as Easter decoration of course.

Well, this is what I got in one evening, just a few pearls and a lot of thin wire:

Earrings with two variations in one

As I myself do not wear earrings, my sister gets them when I am in the mood for making earrings. This time she will get earrings where she can decide herself how to wear them. The same idea I tried out already once with pendants for necklaces.

You remember these ones?

When I wrote about the pearl jewelry I made before Christmas, I did not mention it, but these pendants were made in a way that allows the owner to decide which way to wear them. The chain can be drawn either through the oval ring where now the needle on the left and the chain on the right are or the chain can be drawn through the oval ring hanging from the big metal ring. I chose those oval rings also for the reason that the part hanging from it can be also taken away very easily.

Today I also placed an order with HelmiQ, a great internet shop for Finnish pearl fanatics as I am. Unfortunately, I did not find those oval rings on their page, so I will have to look for them somewhere else. They are just so easy to open by pressing a finger nail on the part where the two ends of the ring come together. Like an easy lock. Very useful for example when you want to be able to take a part of the jewelry apart sometimes. One jewel, many possibilities.

But yes, I promised you earrings! Well, the earrings were a simple version of the pendant above: two pearls in one row, with a small loop on both ends.

In the attached document I have tried to explain how I made these earrings. You can also have a look at the pictures only at my Flickr account, set: handicraft and cooking.

Hopefully my sister likes them!

Here the explanation as word (.docx): Changeable Earrings 1 / wechselbare Ohrringe 1 / käännettävät Korvikset 1

And as pdf:Changeable Earrings 1 / Ohrringe 1 / Korvikset 1

Pearly times

I have refound my childhood’s hobby: pearl jewelry.

The shop for handicraft material was visited a lot of times in a week in order to buy all the necessary things I needed for my new hobby.

For the beginning I find it very important to establish a nice, multicolour archive for the inspiration to flow. Ordering in the internet would have been a lot cheaper, but I wanted everything now and immediately.

That is then how a lot of shiny tiny pearls found their way to my home. For some time it was my destiny sitting on the kitchen table and swearing about the pearls finding their way to the carpet.

The fascination of the teenager time was their immediately and so was luckily also my inspiration. I noticed that I made completely different jewelry than before.

It was my luck that christmas was about to come (after 2 months) and so I had a legal reason to sit long hours on my then new working table to make jewelry.

Here are a few of the pieces I then made as christmas presents:


and something for me:

You can find my pictures also in Flickr, set: handicraft and cooking.