Some new handmade cards, with balloons

I made several small projects before Easter and unfortunately I did not have as much time for handicraft as I would have liked. As usual.

First I made myself a rabbit dummy drawing the shape of a bunny onto white paper and gluing it to an old postcard. So it is easy to draw the shape of the bunny to the back of a nice paper and cut it out. I liked the idea that my bunny was seen from behind, looking away from the viewer.

(Dummy on the right side).

Then the only thing needed is a tail which I made of a small cotton wool ball.

And here is a card for which I used the dummy:

Hyvää pääsiäistä, happy Easter!

Easter cards – the madness continues

Creativity is nothing that can be called or that can be stopped. So this time suddenly I got several ideas that I urgently wanted to try.

One was improving my Easter eggs which shapes looked more than fried eggs than proper ovals. So of course I needed some help. I printed out different empty shapes from Office Word and cut them out. Then I glued them on old postcards and cut them out again. Now it was much easier.


In the right picture the left eggs are cut just with the scissors and on the right side you see on the top my shapes and below the eggs I cut with them. Not that unique idea of course, but works.

But once I had eggs, I wanted more difficult shapes: chicken. So I needed smaller and bigger circles. Do you know those postcards where you can check which size of rings is perfect for you? At least I found one of those and draw circles on a yellow paper. Some of the circles I did not close completely but left open for drawing beaks or wings.


The picture on the right side shows when I tried out how the shapes fit together and I at least was quite content with the birds. The paper should have been of a more merrier colour, but for now it is okay.

As you can see from the picture above I also got the idea of forming a flower that stands up from the paper a little. For the flower I cut out petals.

Another idea I had to try on my cards was cutting some picture into pieces and glue them together again but with a small distance between the pieces.

For that I put double-sided tape onto the back of a photograph printed out. I would have printed it on high quality photo paper but our printer was not working. Anyways. The first picture I cut only into stripes. By the way, Tape every stripe to the paper immediately before cutting the next. If you cut the whole picture into stripes you will have a nice puzzle with the stripes, which one belongs where.


The next picture I cut already into squares. One level up in the diccifulty of glueing all together with distances as exactly the same as possible. I did not use a ruler, but now at least it looks self-made.

And here are the final cards:

In my Flickr account(set: handmade cards) you can find still more pictures.

And now back to the internet to get inspired by others…

Handmade cards for Easter

In the last days, I started to make templates for Easter cards. I am not yet completely happy with them, but somehow a certain style already can be seen.

I like to combine different papers with each other and this time I tried out in which way I could make nice bowties (or however they are called), two I made out of paper (card at the left and in the middle) and one I tried with separate pieces of a ribbon (at the right).

Also my beloved stamps came into action once again and then I also trief to cut eggs out of paper. some of the paper pieces were lifted up from the surface with aid of double sided adhesive 3D foam pads. That is why some of the shapes have shadows on one side:

I liked the idea of using an old book’s pages as a background to coloured eggs. I usually don’t cut my books into pieces, no fear, but this time I made an exception.

I am still looking for something to make the cards a little merrier, but I don’t want to buy more stuff at the moment. Some feathers might be a nice idea or if I just could draw a sweet chicken, so I would draw one or cut it out from a nice paper.

But I’ll go on with my “card factory” and let you know more when I have finished some more cards.

Happy waiting for Easter!