New cards – for a new home

I have not yet posted my new cards as I was not sure, who will receive them and then it would not be a surprise.

In the last time several of my friends moved into a new home or are moving, so I tried out several different types of cards for this occasion.

The first card was for a very nice colleague. I made an arrow which becomes two arrows when opening the card. Unfortunately I did not realize that the paper I used was little too thin for the heavy paperback arrow, but the idea is what counts.

and this is how it looks from inside:

The letters ONNEA are made from thin masking tape, by the way a gorgeous tape for crafts as you can take it away again from the paper without any trace – the perfect tape for people who cannot tape straight lines (like me).

And here is still the other card:

It has a small door which can be opened, and there you find…

… the key for the new house, of course :).

More cards on Flickr, set handmade cards.