Card for retirement

As my mom has retired lately, I made her another card (to give her at the weekend when she receives the one for Mother’s Day). I know that she loved retiring and has spent her free time well with doing all the things she did not have the time or energy to do. So I thought this is the time to remember her to also relax.

There are beautiful papers and pictures to buy on the market, but sometimes you can have a good picture just by opening word or another office program: the cliparts offer a variety of funny pictures. Of course, some of you are also good drawers themselves, but I am afraid that I am not.

To make the card more interesting I punched the corners or the picture away with a circle puncher, pulling the paper’s corner only half into it, and using another corner puncher for one corner.

And this is then the card in the end. Muista rentoutua means Remember to Relax. Some pearly stones as bubbles made the card perfect – or at least good enough for a demanding beginner as I am.