Mobile phone bag and farewell card to colleague

Hello, back again with a short update. I have been spending my rare free time with just too much Farmville and some handicrafts. I have sewn several mobile phone bags, for example this one for me for the iPhone I use at work. Without having the mobile phone in a bag attached to the belt or waistband of my trousers or skirts, I will just forget about it and at those days I am always searching for the phone….

Another small project was to make a card for an intern who became a well loved colleague. But now that her internship ended, there was no way to give her an ordinary farewell card from the store. And this is what I came up with:

The letters were printed out from word and then cut out carefully so that only the down parts of the letters stayed attached. Then I pulled them out carefully to have a 3 D effect.

I hope this picture explains better what I mean:

More pictures at Flickr.

Handmade Christmas cards

For this year’s Christmas cards I experimented with pieces of an old jigsaw puzzle. If I would have a jigsaw puzzle with bigger pieces, I would have put the “merry Christmas” words onto the pieces, but the ones I took turned out to be too small for that, so I had to find other ideas.

First I took the jigsaw puzzle pieces and painted them over several times with white acrylic paint. I added some glitter to some pieces while the colour was still wet just to try out how it would look like. I should have added some lacquer onto the dried pieces to prevent the glitter from falling down (e.g. decoupage lacquer).

After I had dried the white acrylic paint over night on the other pieces, I tried out several other different ideas: some I decorated just with small star or snowflake stickers and onto some I pressed “Merry Christmas” or snowflake stamps. With the stamps I recommend you to let it dry over night once more and perhaps also put some clear lacquer onto it, because the stamp colour stays wet for a long time on the acrylic paint.

I especially liked the snowflake pattern in metallic pink so I used it quite often.

I also draw the outlines of three jigsaw puzzle pieces onto paper and cut it out. Turned out to look quite interesting.

On one card I added a small present: a Christmas tree decoration from Ikea:

With another card I punched out a reindeer on the corner and put some golden canvas behind it. On the picture you cannot see it properly, but I actually put two layers of the thin canvas behind it, so some golden lines are seen a little lighter and add some depth to it.

As usually my ideas were better than the cards, but feel free to use the idea (and link it to this page) and show me what you made out of it.

All of my cards are visible at Flickr, Set: Christmas cards.

Let me know what you think of these ideas? Anything you could use yourself on your cards?

Present for Father’s day

And it is once again time for Father’s Day. In our family Father’s Day is twice a year. This is a little odd but let me explain: I am having two nationalities, one from my father and one from my mother. In Finland Father’s Day is celebrated in November and in Germany in spring. As I live in Finland and my father in Germany I think a great dad like him can be celebrated twice a year. Which means that I can blog twice a year about my Father’s Day present and thus twice the ideas for you.

My father loves to receive handmade presents or something with photographs. Mostly I have made him something with photographs: albums, a clock in which I put photographs and so on.

This year I got the idea of making some coasters. Not my best notions, but handmade at least.

I had some round plastic coasters from Aarrikka for some reason and I decided to use them as basis for the coasters. Then I printed eight detailed map parts out from Google view, always zooming in to a special place: the neighborhood where my parents live, where I live, the place of our cottage, the city where my sister lives, and so on.

Then I printed the maps out, put the plastic coaster onto the map on the right spot, draw with a pen around the coaster to mark the edges and then it was very easy to cut the circles out. After some circle I realized that I am just so bad in cutting out circles! Luckily I love to make cards and had a circle cutter. But, I failed at that task too and did not always choose the right center, leaving a lovely blue circle line on the map where the pen had drawn the line. But, at least it is a handmade present.

In the end I brushed decoupage gloss onto the plastic coaster, put the map onto it and then brushed some more decoupage gloss onto the map. Luckily I brushed carefully so that I did not break the paper. The gloss makes the paper wet, so be sure to only brush very few times over the same spot. Be careful especially to let the map dry well after printing.

After the night the coasters were ready to be sent just in time for Father’s Day.


Not the most beautiful of maps that I chose, but luckily the idea was good to delight my father 🙂 Hoping for better ideas for Christmas.


won my first challenge

Some news at least: for the first time I participated in a cardmaking challenge, topic: vintage. I found the pattern interesting that we had to follow and participated with this card:

And guess what?! I won the challenge. 🙂 Crazy life!

I got a sweet prize from for it. I have to admit I did not immediately know how some things were meant to be used, but I think I will find something for them. And Arkkikauppa has so much more interesting things…

I hope I find time to make cards to more challenges as they are very inspiring, but there is just this tiny, time consuming idea of opening an Etsy store soon and there is still a lot of forms to fill out and products to make and photograph before I can even begin with it. Just for fun – what a load of work 🙂

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New cards – for a new home

I have not yet posted my new cards as I was not sure, who will receive them and then it would not be a surprise.

In the last time several of my friends moved into a new home or are moving, so I tried out several different types of cards for this occasion.

The first card was for a very nice colleague. I made an arrow which becomes two arrows when opening the card. Unfortunately I did not realize that the paper I used was little too thin for the heavy paperback arrow, but the idea is what counts.

and this is how it looks from inside:

The letters ONNEA are made from thin masking tape, by the way a gorgeous tape for crafts as you can take it away again from the paper without any trace – the perfect tape for people who cannot tape straight lines (like me).

And here is still the other card:

It has a small door which can be opened, and there you find…

… the key for the new house, of course :).

More cards on Flickr, set handmade cards.

Pearl Maker pen for cards and a summer stamp

Just a small update as I talked to my colleague today about a pen that makes self-adhesive pearls on paper. I had just bought the pen from Paperella, so of course I had to try it out today.

It works quite well, besides when there was a bit of air in the pen and it had kind of the same effect as a ketchup bottle when it just burst out. But happily the colour then came out in a very small amount. So remember to shake the pen a little so that the colour fills the front top of the pen, before you start to “pearl”.

Don’t wonder when the pearls first look like little mountains with a spike on them, they will then fall together to form a nice pearl.

I also tried out how it looks when you write something with the pen, but it was astonishing hard to make a proper line.

And because it is all about the lovely weather, sunshine, flowers and love for summer at the moment (here in Finland), so I had to buy this stamp (stamp from North Star Stamps):

Enjoy summer!

Card for retirement

As my mom has retired lately, I made her another card (to give her at the weekend when she receives the one for Mother’s Day). I know that she loved retiring and has spent her free time well with doing all the things she did not have the time or energy to do. So I thought this is the time to remember her to also relax.

There are beautiful papers and pictures to buy on the market, but sometimes you can have a good picture just by opening word or another office program: the cliparts offer a variety of funny pictures. Of course, some of you are also good drawers themselves, but I am afraid that I am not.

To make the card more interesting I punched the corners or the picture away with a circle puncher, pulling the paper’s corner only half into it, and using another corner puncher for one corner.

And this is then the card in the end. Muista rentoutua means Remember to Relax. Some pearly stones as bubbles made the card perfect – or at least good enough for a demanding beginner as I am.

Father’s Day present: reading sign and .. a card

It is not that I have not done anything in the last time, it is just hard when you cannot show it. My parents are eagerly following my blog and so after forbidding my mom to have a look at the blog because of the necklace, as fate wanted: Father’s Day came before they came to visit me to collect their presents. Father’s Day? Some of you are puzzled and afraid that they have forgotten? It was in Germany at least, so when you are not from there, you might still have some time to make something beautiful.

So, I needed a present for my dad and was searching for good ideas in Pinterest. Then I found a picture of some reading signs that someone made as a Father’s Day present. My own signs then were completely different, but the idea was great, because my father is just about to retire and told me that he has begun to read more.

After that it was of course time to make a card, too. After some time I decided to make a quite simple one, including a picture of me and my sister, because my father loves presents that include a picture.


Mother’s Day card with a pop-up heart

When surfing on Pinterest a some time ago, I stumbled over an astonishing pop-up card with a heart that pops up. It was invented by Minieco for Valentine’s Day, but I thought it would fit also perfectly for my mom as a mother’s day card.

I did not print out the instructions from the Minieco page, but decided, as usual, to try it out myself to find out more. So I tried it first out with a piece of paper to find out how it works and which things I need to take into account. This would help me later when I want to create something on my own.

After one or two tries I copied the final plan onto a transparent paper with the help of a ruler and a cross-ruled paper.

Then I cut along the lines, letting out the dashed lines, as usual. The transparent paper I used, because I wanted to make two cards with the same principle and so I would not have to draw the pattern onto the card itself.So I tried to cut neat, straight lines with the craft knife.

After that I layed the transparent paper onto the card and cut the lines into the card through the transparent paper. As I used a very strong card, I achieved only  scratches, which did not went completely through, but that did not matter. After the first round cutting the lines, I took the transparent paper and cut the scratches into neat lines. Unfortunately, I used a card which paper is not that regular. So bigger clumps in the paper would cause unregular lines. Anyways, the result was good and the strong card material worked perfectly when the heart is popping up.

The hardest part with this strong card material was to get all those small parts standing up and then falling down to the right side.

Here still a view of the dummy card on which I wrote which sides need to be the same length:

and this was then one of the cards:

You don’t see it too good on the picture, but I covered the heart’s surface with a transparent flower paper. And here still a view from outside:

So when making the second card and knowing already how it works best I tried out some new ideas. I wanted to punch out the corners as in the card before but because the outside of the card would get a lilac paper, I would like to add the same pattern that I punch out, onto the inside, so that when you close the card, the lilac pattern is right under the punched pattern. Hard to explain Open-mouthed smile.

Anyways, I punched out the corners of the white cardboard, then I closed the card..

Then I draw along the lines of the punched out whole of the cardboard with a fine pen, so that I later would know where exaclty I would have to put the lilac piece. When I opened now the card, I could see it exactly. So I just punched out two pieces from the lilac paper with the same puncher but took the punched out paper piece instead of the paper itself. Then I glued the pieces onto the marked spot on the inside of the card.

When I know closed the card, one would see the lilac pattern through the punched out holes.

And here still a picture of the other card:

As i had made a mistake with the stamps and misspelled the second word, I decided to make a funny detail out of it. The e-letter just came to late and has still some way to go. Why redo the whole thing when you can use it as a funny detail. My mom knows anyways how clumsy I am.

Why two cards? Because I was already sure, that my darling wants one for his mom, too.

The little bit different card (with a twist)

So why am I writing so seldom? Well, first of all of course the busy time at work still keeps me surprisingly busy but on the other side there is again one of the year’s highlights coming, mother’s day, so I am using my time for making mom’s present. Of course I have to make it myself Winking smile. As much as I can tell already, it will be a pearl necklace.

Although the days are just flying by, I had the possibility to try out another card type that I have seen in the Koukussa kortteihin society.

First it reminded a bit of making a pop-up card with drawing lines on a cardboard and cutting lines carefully with the crafts knife.

So I draw four lines on the card, all in the same distance to each other or the edge of the cardboard. Then I draw a rectangle in the middle of the cardboard with the sides a part of the first and last line I just had drawn. Then I cut the rectangle nearly completely out beside the part that is in between the inner two lines. This will be the part that makes the rectangle turn around, when the card is opened.

Then I turned one side around and flattened it with a ruler, as you can see on the picture above. The same I did with the other side but in the other direction. After that my card looked like this:

Then all I needed was to decorate the card from all directions. I wanted to make it a little bit difficult and wanted to find a sentence where the first words on the left side stay the same although the middle part of the card is flipped around. And I found one:

This is the way one sees the card in the beginning:

and when you open it…

then the sentence continues: