Earrings with two variations in one

As I myself do not wear earrings, my sister gets them when I am in the mood for making earrings. This time she will get earrings where she can decide herself how to wear them. The same idea I tried out already once with pendants for necklaces.

You remember these ones?

When I wrote about the pearl jewelry I made before Christmas, I did not mention it, but these pendants were made in a way that allows the owner to decide which way to wear them. The chain can be drawn either through the oval ring where now the needle on the left and the chain on the right are or the chain can be drawn through the oval ring hanging from the big metal ring. I chose those oval rings also for the reason that the part hanging from it can be also taken away very easily.

Today I also placed an order with HelmiQ, a great internet shop for Finnish pearl fanatics as I am. Unfortunately, I did not find those oval rings on their page, so I will have to look for them somewhere else. They are just so easy to open by pressing a finger nail on the part where the two ends of the ring come together. Like an easy lock. Very useful for example when you want to be able to take a part of the jewelry apart sometimes. One jewel, many possibilities.

But yes, I promised you earrings! Well, the earrings were a simple version of the pendant above: two pearls in one row, with a small loop on both ends.

In the attached document I have tried to explain how I made these earrings. You can also have a look at the pictures only at my Flickr account, set: handicraft and cooking.

Hopefully my sister likes them!

Here the explanation as word (.docx): Changeable Earrings 1 / wechselbare Ohrringe 1 / käännettävät Korvikset 1

And as pdf:Changeable Earrings 1 / Ohrringe 1 / Korvikset 1