Present idea: beauty and health spices

I always thought I had written about this, but obviously that was once again one of those I should do…

As for some people it is really hard to find some present they might like, especially when one absolutely wants to make something handmade. So this time I thought my sister might like the idea of getting a small tube with a lots of small jars, in which she would find spices which are said to be healthy and/or helping the natural beauty.  As I liked the idea, I also made one for one of my best friends. With the jar I also gave a nicely printed paper on which I gave information why this spice is so healthy or how it should be used to make her even more beautiful.

What I did not realize at this point, that my sis and my friend speak different languages and so in the end I had to translate everything still.

Well, it took me ages to find spices in the store to which I found information in the internet. Either it is not in the stores around here or I did not find any proper information in the internet although I thought it would be a spice sooo healthy. In addition I tried to also find some spices that are perhaps a little strange and thus interesting perhaps to learn about how to use such a spice.

Well, in the end I managed to deliver something useful, I hope. This was how it looked:

spice jar

You will find the document “Gewürze für die Schönheit” attached to this blog entry (please press HERE). Please note that there are different spices than on the (Finnish) jars in the picture.

Here a short summary in English:

Healthy spices:

Pepper: helps your digestion. The fresher the better.

Chili pepper: fights inflammation and reduces blood cholesterol and even helps you to lose weight.

About these you can find information about health benefits of spices e.g. on these internet pages:

Blueberries (powder): blueberries have one of the highest antioxidiant capacities of all fruits, so they help against the free radicals that could damage your cells and it is said that they help your memory. Blueberry powder is very tasteful when mixed into unflavoured yoghurt or smoothies.


Beauty spices:

Sea salt: makes a good, natural peeling when mixed with etherical oil (is that the right word?) or olive oil. Look here for a good example:, and this one is also a Good to Know Page:

Nettles: it is said that nettles tea can help your hair grow and eases itching scalps, when poured over the head before a shower (not too hot of course). Of course fresh nettles would be better, but hard to deliver in a jar ;).

These were just a few examples. There are so many more healthy spices, but please evaluate carefully which information you use. It is not everything true in the big world of the internet. Although, luckily, mostly there are no consequences in using spices, when not using too much at one time.


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