Pearl Maker pen for cards and a summer stamp

Just a small update as I talked to my colleague today about a pen that makes self-adhesive pearls on paper. I had just bought the pen from Paperella, so of course I had to try it out today.

It works quite well, besides when there was a bit of air in the pen and it had kind of the same effect as a ketchup bottle when it just burst out. But happily the colour then came out in a very small amount. So remember to shake the pen a little so that the colour fills the front top of the pen, before you start to “pearl”.

Don’t wonder when the pearls first look like little mountains with a spike on them, they will then fall together to form a nice pearl.

I also tried out how it looks when you write something with the pen, but it was astonishing hard to make a proper line.

And because it is all about the lovely weather, sunshine, flowers and love for summer at the moment (here in Finland), so I had to buy this stamp (stamp from North Star Stamps):

Enjoy summer!