Our bbq got just the little something with lime cream cheese dip

Yesterday’s bbq was just a success. We loved it all and we were so hungry that I did not even have the time to take a picture. On the other side, I don’t know, if I would have taken one, because I did not even think, it would taste that well.

On the grill we had: banana and ananas on the stick, meat (pork), zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms. For the fruits I had found an interesting recipe for a dip with lime (always good) and cream cheese ( chose of course Philadelphia). The most interesting was that the dip tasted well with everything and my guests loved it very much.

Here is the recipe:
1 package of cream cheese, e.g. Philadelphia (à 200 g)
1 dl confectioner’s sugar
juice of 1 lime
(coconut flakes)

Mix and serve cold.

Just too easy! I have to say, if we had not eaten the dip completely during dinner, I would have finished the bowl afterwards, just me and the spoon.

Easy recipe also for one person, as the recipe is not too big and it fits to many different dishes, if you should have something left after one meal.

The original recipe can be found here (in Finnish).


Chicken cordon bleu

Some days ago I had already in my head what to cook, but then I suddenly remembered a discussion with my friend, where he said that it is sad, that cordon bleu is seldom with chicken. So I realized, I could surprise him and make some chicken cordon bleu myself.

So just a quick look into the internet and bing helps as usual to find a good recipe. I decided to try out my own variation of Ijmz’s cordon bleu, which she/he wrote is her/his version of BBC Food’s cook Antony Worral Thompson’s recipe. My variation means basically that I reduce the number of products to with changing the ingredients into what we have already and what my boyfriend likes.

The chicken cordon bleu was so good, that I added the print immediately to my The Best –folder. And the best about that: it is boyfriend-approved. Even when warming the last chicken up the next day, he still was praising it all the time.

With the chicken I made it very easy: French Fries from the oven and some vegetables as a kind of salad.

Getting hungry again when thinking about that chicken…

If you don’t want to read the whole recipe, you can find a photo series on Flickr: How to Make a Chicken Cordon Bleu.

And here the recipe in English: Chicken Cordon Bleu-docx  and as pdf: Chicken Cordon Bleu-pdf

Rezept auf Deutsch: Hühnchen cordon bleu-docx und als pdf: Hühnchen cordon bleu-pdf

resepti suomeksi: kana cordon bleu-docx ja pdf:nä: kana cordon bleu-pdf

Evening snack: ciabatta with brie, tomatoes and sea salt

Just a few days ago I bought a glass of sea salt, for the first time. Now of course I am so interested in trying it out so that I have to put it on nearly everything. I use “normal” salt in nearly every food, but I did not realize how different food can be when spiced with sea salt. So for one evening I made this little evening snack for us two:

I took a good ciabatta from our shop around the corner, added quark instead of butter and added tomatoes, brie, dill and lemon pepper. And of course a little sea salt. Oh and it was so good. Luckily my boyfriend had just eaten so I had nearly all of the slices for myself. He tried one, though, and loved it Smile. So sea salt is now also boyfriend-approved.

Fruity meatballs

When I saw this recipe in the internet, I was very sure that this cannot really taste well. Meatballs with apricot goat cheese filling – no way. But still, it was so interesting that I thought to give it a try You cannot know, if you don’t taste.

So after a short round in the supermarket I started to prepare the meatballs. I had bought also some dried figs as I thought that when apricots taste well it will also taste well with figs. I thought that would at least be a tasty way to eat some figs as fresh figs are not usually that tasty here in Finland.

As you will notice from the recipe, it does not contain the typical onions, because they are not boyfriend-approved vegetables in this “family”, but feel free to add them.

I prepared also some normal meatballs as I was not sure, if my darling would like to taste something so special, but in the end at least he tried.

I have to say, I like the recipe very much. The fruits are not too strong and I kind of got addicted to these meatballs and will surely make them again soon.

Here are the recipes:

as word documents (.docx): Fruity meatballs / Fruchtige Hackfleischbällchen / hedelmäiset jauhelihakääryleet

and as pdf: Fruity meatballs / Fruchtige Hackfleischbällchen / hedelmäiset jauhelihakääryleet

Easy veggie dish for one

After a short bike tour I was so hungry that I had to make something fast. My darling had just eaten something, so I had the chance to make something full of “suspicious” vegetables. I decided quickly to make a dish I had just “invented” with my best friend some weeks ago. It was so delicious and I had everything I need for it.

I took two small sweet potatoes, peeled them like potatoes and cut them into pieces of the size of about my small finger. Then I threw the sweet potato wedges into a bowl and added oil, spices (salt, pepper, sweet pepper (paprika) powder) and mixed it. Then I just put them onto a baking tray with baking paper and put them into the oven. You can also add one or two potatoes and treat them in the same way as the sweet potatoes.

In the mean time I cut the other veggies: zucchini, lilac egg-fruit (aubergine) and champignons. The most difficult part, was to keep the portion small enough for one person.

After cutting I fried the vegetables in a pan in some oil and waited for them to get some nice brown colour. In the end all I needed to add was some tomato puree and herb cream cheese and after some minutes all my food was ready. It was quite salty but sooooo good.

I am really surprised I did not put the potato wedges here before. I was so sure. It’s such an easy recipe that I make it quite often. So it was about time.

And here the recipes for downloading to your recipe collection:

as word (.docx): vegetable dish for one person / vegetarisches gericht für eine person / Vegetaarinen ruoka yhdelle

as pdf: vegetable dish for one person-pdf / vegetarisches gericht für eine person-pdf / Vegetaarinen ruoka yhdelle-pdf

Pork fillet with tomato-watermelon salsa

I finally tried out again a very interesting recipe. We were both very surprised that it tasted that well. I had once found it from a page for people who wish to lose weight (Pudottajat). It is not that I want to lose weight, but sometimes it is just so good to make something light (until I got the idea to make a creamy sauce using the ju (drippings), i.e. the juice that is left in the pan from frying the meat.

Unfortunately, we were so hungry that I did not take any photograph, so you will have to make it yourself to have a look at it – and a good dinner.

Hopefully I will find more good recipes like that, because in the last time the recipes were not that surprising. On the other side, sometimes it is just sooo good to eat meatballs and French fries.

And here the recipes:

as word (.docx):Pork fillet with tomato-watermelon salsa / Schweinefilet mit tomaten-wassermelonesalsa / Porsaanfilettä ja tomaatti-vesimelonisalsa

and as pdf:Pork fillet with tomato-watermelon salsa-pdf / Schweinefilet mit tomaten-wassermelonesalsa-pdf / Porsaanfilettä ja tomaatti-vesimelonisalsa-pdf

Chocolate raspberry cake

And here is finally the recipe. Took some days more than I expected.

It does not really take that long to make this cake but it needs some work, though. As I told I made this cake for a “handicraft evening” with my friend and for the two of us I did not want to make one big cake. I was very happy that I got exactly two small cakes. Just enough for two, of for one (one for lunch and one for dinner, right?).

The original recipe had been in my cupboard already for a few years, but I had not yet tried it out. It was once from Amica’s once-a-year-journal Rakkaudesta ruokaan.

And here the recipes you waited for:

as word (.docx):Chocolate raspberry cake / Himbeerschokoladenkuchen / Vadelma-suklaakakku

and as pdf:Chocolate raspberry cake-pdf / Himbeerschokoladenkuchen-pdf / Vadelma-suklaakakku-pdf

Carrot buns / Karottenbrötchen / Porkkanasämpylät

All you need is

  • 11 dl flour suitable for rolls, best: full corn flour consisting of different sorts of grain
  • (graham flour, if you want to mix flour types)
  • 1 carrot or several small ones (I definately prefer the small ones)
  • about 1/2 dl liquid margarine (or something alike)
  • 1 package active dry yeast (à 11g)
  • 5 dl warm water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar or syrup (I use maple syrup)
  • salt

The basis of this easy, delicous recipe was once on my flour package and I am happy that I tried it out. I often make buns at home, nearly always according to this recipe, changing it slightly every time. One only thing I noticed is important, when making buns: take your time!

The good thing about making buns is that I can make something else in the pauses when the dough needs time to rise. This time we went for a stroll to the seaside in the meantime of the first pause and we ate lunch during the second. A perfect activity for a lazy Sunday, so to say.

Luckily the smell of fresh buns stays in the appartment for some time and lucky me, when the sun still shines to our balcony when the buns are ready. Sunshine and buns with honey – my heaven on earth! This time, though, half of the buns went into the freezer, cut in half and stored in a freezer-safe box. This way they are easy to unfreeze on top of the toaster and we have always good buns in the house. And from my own buns I know at least exactly what they are made of.

But well, you are waiting for the recipe? Here you are:

as a word document (.docx) to change it however you like:Carrot buns / Karottenbrötchen /Porkkanasämpylät

as a pdf, if you don’t have word: Carrot buns / Karottenbrötchen / Porkkanasämpylät

Chicken with lime butter / Hühnchen mit Limonenbutter / Kanaa limevoilla

All you need for the lime butter is

  • 1 lime
  • 80 g butter (soft)
  • garlic or ginger (e.g. powder)
  • salt

In addition:

  • chicken filets
  • potatoes
  • (frozen) vegetables

This recipe will find it’s way into my “The best” folder, where I keep the best recipes. It was very delicious. Although the recipe is very short, I had quite more work in the kitchen today as I am also making rolls today and then I had no potatoes so I took rice with the chicken, which means to me that I also need a sauce.

On the left side of the picture you see the book, in which I found the base for this recipe. As usual I read the recipe and the end product is different.

So far I had never made spiced butter myself, but now I fell completely in love with it. All you need is some patience to let the butter get soft, add the lime zest (fine pieces from the lime peel) and the lime’s juice. Mix it all and add the spices. I myself then rolled the lime butter into some non-sticky baking paper, put it in the fridge and let it get a little hard again. There was some juice left which the butter had not soaken in, so I used it in the sauce I made for the rice. As you can see from the picture I had a zester, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a grater.

I prepared the chicken in the oven this time (240°C for about 10 minutes); just add salt and pepper to them. Remember to prepare the potatoes in time, or the rice.

I found that the food still needed a health booster, so I put some frozen vegetables with some water into a microwave bowl and prepared them in few minutes in the microwave.

Then it is nearly already the time to place the plates onto the table and shout to my boyfriend that lunch is ready. Bon appétit!

And the recipe for the lime butter as word (.docx):Lime butterLimettenbutter / Limevoi

and as pdf:Lime butter / Limettenbutter / Limevoi

Sugarpaste roses / Rosen aus Zuckerpaste / ruusut sokerimassasta

One significant reason for this blog was to find a place where to put pictures of things I made and which might inspire somebody else then in turn. All of the ideas of course don’t come from my little head but from surfing around in the internet and looking at just too much amazing cake and bake blogs knowing I could never make anything like them. But still, some things just go right and so there are already some “products” I want to introduce:

The first was from a cake for Mothers’ Day last year. As I am living in Finland and my mom in Germany, I wanted to make something special for her when she came visiting me on her “special day”. For the first time I bought sugar paste and started forming it into a rose. This was so astonishingly easy somehow that I made some more.


The cake itself was lingoberry mousse with self-made caramel on top. The recipe was from a magazine, but it is somewhere in my archive of recipes, which means: unfindable. When I once find it, I’ll share it with you, until then the internet offers a lot of good ideas. Still one advice: self-made caramel gets this special something when you use dark muscovado sugar as a part of the sugar. Have you already tried muscovado sugar when baking? I think it has a great taste and still slightly better for your health than white refined sugar, if you might say that about some sugar.