How to sew a dinosaur

As we are now awaiting our firstborn, his mom decided to sew a dinosaur. During some serious research (pinteresting) I found some pictures and instructions for sewn dinosaur toys, but none of them was completely what I would have liked. One good instruction helped me a lot, but the dinosaur would have only two legs in the end and not four – unacceptable! 🙂 So I had to try it out my own.

Unfortunately I have not very good pictures, but I hope you understand what I mean.

It might be a good idea to wash the fabric pieces now. I though forgot that and washed the whole dinosaur then in the end, but certain types of fabric might shrink during the washing process, so it is always better to wash the fabric first.

Now you need to draw a dinosaur (remember to add a seam allowance of about 1 cm to all sides) and then cut it out on fabric twice (for both sides). In order to draw the bottom of the dinosaur, put them pieces on top of each other and  turn the feet of one side up as shown below. Now you can draw the outline of the legs and inside of the tail (which are here visible with the inside of the fabric pieces) to a tracing paper. Remember to add again a seeming allowance of 0,5-1 cm to all sides.

Then cut out the part you just drew onto the tracing paper and cut it out on fabric.

Then we sew the thorns on the back of the dinosaur. Cut out triangles of fabric, sew them together and turn them around.
Pin the triangles to the fabric as you can see from the picture below:

Sew the triangles to both sides of the fabric (right side out as shown above) with a straight line close to the edge. Here is how the seem should look like afterwards:

Then turn around the fabric, so that you have the inside out and sew around the edges (in the picture below from pin needle to pin needle, leaving out only the legs and part of the tail (the part you cut out separately). I sew very close to the edges, as I suddenly wanted to have a bigger dinosaur, but as you have added a seeming allowance of 1 cm, you can sew about 1 cm from the edge.

Cut small edges to the tail and, if you want to, to the round parts of the head. This will make the round parts more beautiful when you turn the fabric to the right sides again. Be careful not to cut into the seems!

Now flap again the legs over as you have to draw the foot part onto tracing paper. Add the foot part to the fabric as shown below.

Now sew once around the legs, but leaving out the end of the legs and the tail. This makes it easier to fill the dinosaur later. You can also leave out only the tail part, but then it might be hard to get the filling into the legs properly, especially, if you make a dinosaur with longer legs than I did.

The seems should then look like this (the seem of the tail ends with the end of the picture):

Now turn the dinosaur outside in by drawing the fabric through the tail, which you did not sew together. It starts to look already like a dinosaur, doesn’t it?

Now all you have to do, is to fill the toy with some stuffing (I used the stuffing of a pillow) and to sew the end of the legs and the tail. I sew those seems by hand.

And ready!

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