A pearl necklace for my mom

As again my mom’s birthday came just too soon, I had just one idea for her present: a handmade pearl necklace.

To make her this time a pearl jewel with a loooooots of pearls, as I have seen many in the shops in these days, I tried a new approach to the matter:

I took a nice light chain and started to add pearls to it with a thin silver wire. And oh, it took hours… Sometimes it felt as if I hadn’t done anything because the necklace looked the same as when beginning my session. To each single ring of the chain I added about ten pearls, so it is a loooot of pearls.

With the time I felt that the chain was also getting heavier also I used light wax pearls, so I decided that I would add pearls only on the part, which is really seen and let some part of the beautiful silver chain free of pearls. This would also help that the pearls would not tear on my mom’s long hair.

In order to make the necklace more interesting I used pearls different in size and colour. Mostly I used pearls in different shades of white, but sometimes I added also a light blue or pink one.

In the end it looked like this:

My mom called me after her birthday and said that she really liked it but unfortunately the mail had obviously been shaken so badly that many pearls had come of.

If you make this kind of pearl necklace, please check the chain that the links are well closed and that the pearls are not too firm together to avoid them breaking off during transportation.

The beauty of this necklace comes also from the fact that it changes slightly all the time. The pearls fall to a different place nearly every time as they are not too firm together. When they are able to move,the necklace also is not too stiff. I also recommend to end the pearl line on every side with having less and less pearls per link, so that it is not a too harsh ending where the chain itself comes into sight.


Put your own picture onto glass

I have spent a big part of my free time in Pinterest lately. Repinning and getting one great craft idea after the other. Just, sometimes one should sit down and DO THEM.

So having my father’s birthday coming up just too soon, I decided to try out one idea which promised an easy transfer of an own photograph onto a glass. Yeah, sure. As my father loooooves presents which involve a family portrait I had to try it, though. The idea originally comes from the lovely blog “inspired ideas” (link: click here). Be careful, you might spend hours reading interesting articles in that blog!

And let me promise you this: it is easy and it is just gorgeous!

And here is how it is done:

1) Print a picture. I have a laser printer, but a photocopy works as well. Ink jet: sorry, does not work! I tried it out with a coloured picture, works also well, but the best is a picture with high contrast, so try out the black/white settings or take a copy of an old black & white photograph.

2) Now tape a piece of contact paper over the picture. It should be about the size of the picture, but it does not matter, if it is bigger, as the white colour of the paper will not stick to the contact paper, logically.

3) Rub the contact paper onto the photograph (or vice versa). I tried it with my fingernail and a coin.

4) Now it time for a little bath. You can cute the paper to the right size to have it easier later. Let the package soak in warm water for about 10 minutes.

5) Carefully tear away the paper from the contact paper, better leaving pieces onto it than pulling it away to hard. You don’t want to miss a nose or a foot later on.

6) Nearly done. Now rub the rest of the paper veeeeeery carefully away from the picture. It works best under running water. Then just allow the picture to dry so that the contact paper will get sticky again. When dry, you might see some small remains from the paper that you missed, but a little more water and rubbing gets them away.

It was such a cool moment to put the picture onto a glass. Okay, you cannot put it in the dish washer, but it is definately a very personal present!

Present for Father’s day

And it is once again time for Father’s Day. In our family Father’s Day is twice a year. This is a little odd but let me explain: I am having two nationalities, one from my father and one from my mother. In Finland Father’s Day is celebrated in November and in Germany in spring. As I live in Finland and my father in Germany I think a great dad like him can be celebrated twice a year. Which means that I can blog twice a year about my Father’s Day present and thus twice the ideas for you.

My father loves to receive handmade presents or something with photographs. Mostly I have made him something with photographs: albums, a clock in which I put photographs and so on.

This year I got the idea of making some coasters. Not my best notions, but handmade at least.

I had some round plastic coasters from Aarrikka for some reason and I decided to use them as basis for the coasters. Then I printed eight detailed map parts out from Google view, always zooming in to a special place: the neighborhood where my parents live, where I live, the place of our cottage, the city where my sister lives, and so on.

Then I printed the maps out, put the plastic coaster onto the map on the right spot, draw with a pen around the coaster to mark the edges and then it was very easy to cut the circles out. After some circle I realized that I am just so bad in cutting out circles! Luckily I love to make cards and had a circle cutter. But, I failed at that task too and did not always choose the right center, leaving a lovely blue circle line on the map where the pen had drawn the line. But, at least it is a handmade present.

In the end I brushed decoupage gloss onto the plastic coaster, put the map onto it and then brushed some more decoupage gloss onto the map. Luckily I brushed carefully so that I did not break the paper. The gloss makes the paper wet, so be sure to only brush very few times over the same spot. Be careful especially to let the map dry well after printing.

After the night the coasters were ready to be sent just in time for Father’s Day.


Not the most beautiful of maps that I chose, but luckily the idea was good to delight my father 🙂 Hoping for better ideas for Christmas.