Sugarpaste roses / Rosen aus Zuckerpaste / ruusut sokerimassasta

One significant reason for this blog was to find a place where to put pictures of things I made and which might inspire somebody else then in turn. All of the ideas of course don’t come from my little head but from surfing around in the internet and looking at just too much amazing cake and bake blogs knowing I could never make anything like them. But still, some things just go right and so there are already some “products” I want to introduce:

The first was from a cake for Mothers’ Day last year. As I am living in Finland and my mom in Germany, I wanted to make something special for her when she came visiting me on her “special day”. For the first time I bought sugar paste and started forming it into a rose. This was so astonishingly easy somehow that I made some more.


The cake itself was lingoberry mousse with self-made caramel on top. The recipe was from a magazine, but it is somewhere in my archive of recipes, which means: unfindable. When I once find it, I’ll share it with you, until then the internet offers a lot of good ideas. Still one advice: self-made caramel gets this special something when you use dark muscovado sugar as a part of the sugar. Have you already tried muscovado sugar when baking? I think it has a great taste and still slightly better for your health than white refined sugar, if you might say that about some sugar.