Evening snack: ciabatta with brie, tomatoes and sea salt

Just a few days ago I bought a glass of sea salt, for the first time. Now of course I am so interested in trying it out so that I have to put it on nearly everything. I use “normal” salt in nearly every food, but I did not realize how different food can be when spiced with sea salt. So for one evening I made this little evening snack for us two:

I took a good ciabatta from our shop around the corner, added quark instead of butter and added tomatoes, brie, dill and lemon pepper. And of course a little sea salt. Oh and it was so good. Luckily my boyfriend had just eaten so I had nearly all of the slices for myself. He tried one, though, and loved it Smile. So sea salt is now also boyfriend-approved.

Easy veggie dish for one

After a short bike tour I was so hungry that I had to make something fast. My darling had just eaten something, so I had the chance to make something full of “suspicious” vegetables. I decided quickly to make a dish I had just “invented” with my best friend some weeks ago. It was so delicious and I had everything I need for it.

I took two small sweet potatoes, peeled them like potatoes and cut them into pieces of the size of about my small finger. Then I threw the sweet potato wedges into a bowl and added oil, spices (salt, pepper, sweet pepper (paprika) powder) and mixed it. Then I just put them onto a baking tray with baking paper and put them into the oven. You can also add one or two potatoes and treat them in the same way as the sweet potatoes.

In the mean time I cut the other veggies: zucchini, lilac egg-fruit (aubergine) and champignons. The most difficult part, was to keep the portion small enough for one person.

After cutting I fried the vegetables in a pan in some oil and waited for them to get some nice brown colour. In the end all I needed to add was some tomato puree and herb cream cheese and after some minutes all my food was ready. It was quite salty but sooooo good.

I am really surprised I did not put the potato wedges here before. I was so sure. It’s such an easy recipe that I make it quite often. So it was about time.

And here the recipes for downloading to your recipe collection:

as word (.docx): vegetable dish for one person / vegetarisches gericht für eine person / Vegetaarinen ruoka yhdelle

as pdf: vegetable dish for one person-pdf / vegetarisches gericht für eine person-pdf / Vegetaarinen ruoka yhdelle-pdf

Chicken with lime butter / Hühnchen mit Limonenbutter / Kanaa limevoilla

All you need for the lime butter is

  • 1 lime
  • 80 g butter (soft)
  • garlic or ginger (e.g. powder)
  • salt

In addition:

  • chicken filets
  • potatoes
  • (frozen) vegetables

This recipe will find it’s way into my “The best” folder, where I keep the best recipes. It was very delicious. Although the recipe is very short, I had quite more work in the kitchen today as I am also making rolls today and then I had no potatoes so I took rice with the chicken, which means to me that I also need a sauce.

On the left side of the picture you see the book, in which I found the base for this recipe. As usual I read the recipe and the end product is different.

So far I had never made spiced butter myself, but now I fell completely in love with it. All you need is some patience to let the butter get soft, add the lime zest (fine pieces from the lime peel) and the lime’s juice. Mix it all and add the spices. I myself then rolled the lime butter into some non-sticky baking paper, put it in the fridge and let it get a little hard again. There was some juice left which the butter had not soaken in, so I used it in the sauce I made for the rice. As you can see from the picture I had a zester, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a grater.

I prepared the chicken in the oven this time (240°C for about 10 minutes); just add salt and pepper to them. Remember to prepare the potatoes in time, or the rice.

I found that the food still needed a health booster, so I put some frozen vegetables with some water into a microwave bowl and prepared them in few minutes in the microwave.

Then it is nearly already the time to place the plates onto the table and shout to my boyfriend that lunch is ready. Bon appétit!

And the recipe for the lime butter as word (.docx):Lime butterLimettenbutter / Limevoi

and as pdf:Lime butter / Limettenbutter / Limevoi