Mobile phone bag and farewell card to colleague

Hello, back again with a short update. I have been spending my rare free time with just too much Farmville and some handicrafts. I have sewn several mobile phone bags, for example this one for me for the iPhone I use at work. Without having the mobile phone in a bag attached to the belt or waistband of my trousers or skirts, I will just forget about it and at those days I am always searching for the phone….

Another small project was to make a card for an intern who became a well loved colleague. But now that her internship ended, there was no way to give her an ordinary farewell card from the store. And this is what I came up with:

The letters were printed out from word and then cut out carefully so that only the down parts of the letters stayed attached. Then I pulled them out carefully to have a 3 D effect.

I hope this picture explains better what I mean:

More pictures at Flickr.