Fruity Sangria

Just a quick update, because I am busy with packing for the holidays. As we will be much in the nature this trip needs a little more packing than usual.

But, this recipe was so delicious I just have to share it (and to be sure I will find the recipe again when needed). The original recipe is in Finnish and can be found here.

this is all you need (4 glasses):

3 dl red wine, I used German Spätburgunder, which has not a too strong taste itself

3 spoonfuls of  maple syrup

3 spoonfuls of lemon juice

4 dl lemon drink (like lemon juice but with sugar)

fill with:

ice cubes

and fruits as e.g. melon, strawberries, oranges…

Then just mix the ingredients (remember to taste and add wine or lemon juice according to your own taste), cut the fruits into chunks and enjoy. It tastes best on the day you make it and is a good party drink.