Carrot buns / Karottenbrötchen / Porkkanasämpylät

All you need is

  • 11 dl flour suitable for rolls, best: full corn flour consisting of different sorts of grain
  • (graham flour, if you want to mix flour types)
  • 1 carrot or several small ones (I definately prefer the small ones)
  • about 1/2 dl liquid margarine (or something alike)
  • 1 package active dry yeast (à 11g)
  • 5 dl warm water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar or syrup (I use maple syrup)
  • salt

The basis of this easy, delicous recipe was once on my flour package and I am happy that I tried it out. I often make buns at home, nearly always according to this recipe, changing it slightly every time. One only thing I noticed is important, when making buns: take your time!

The good thing about making buns is that I can make something else in the pauses when the dough needs time to rise. This time we went for a stroll to the seaside in the meantime of the first pause and we ate lunch during the second. A perfect activity for a lazy Sunday, so to say.

Luckily the smell of fresh buns stays in the appartment for some time and lucky me, when the sun still shines to our balcony when the buns are ready. Sunshine and buns with honey – my heaven on earth! This time, though, half of the buns went into the freezer, cut in half and stored in a freezer-safe box. This way they are easy to unfreeze on top of the toaster and we have always good buns in the house. And from my own buns I know at least exactly what they are made of.

But well, you are waiting for the recipe? Here you are:

as a word document (.docx) to change it however you like:Carrot buns / Karottenbrötchen /Porkkanasämpylät

as a pdf, if you don’t have word: Carrot buns / Karottenbrötchen / Porkkanasämpylät