Handmade Christmas cards

For this year’s Christmas cards I experimented with pieces of an old jigsaw puzzle. If I would have a jigsaw puzzle with bigger pieces, I would have put the “merry Christmas” words onto the pieces, but the ones I took turned out to be too small for that, so I had to find other ideas.

First I took the jigsaw puzzle pieces and painted them over several times with white acrylic paint. I added some glitter to some pieces while the colour was still wet just to try out how it would look like. I should have added some lacquer onto the dried pieces to prevent the glitter from falling down (e.g. decoupage lacquer).

After I had dried the white acrylic paint over night on the other pieces, I tried out several other different ideas: some I decorated just with small star or snowflake stickers and onto some I pressed “Merry Christmas” or snowflake stamps. With the stamps I recommend you to let it dry over night once more and perhaps also put some clear lacquer onto it, because the stamp colour stays wet for a long time on the acrylic paint.

I especially liked the snowflake pattern in metallic pink so I used it quite often.

I also draw the outlines of three jigsaw puzzle pieces onto paper and cut it out. Turned out to look quite interesting.

On one card I added a small present: a Christmas tree decoration from Ikea:

With another card I punched out a reindeer on the corner and put some golden canvas behind it. On the picture you cannot see it properly, but I actually put two layers of the thin canvas behind it, so some golden lines are seen a little lighter and add some depth to it.

As usually my ideas were better than the cards, but feel free to use the idea (and link it to this page) and show me what you made out of it.

All of my cards are visible at Flickr, Set: Christmas cards.

Let me know what you think of these ideas? Anything you could use yourself on your cards?