A pearl necklace for my mom

As again my mom’s birthday came just too soon, I had just one idea for her present: a handmade pearl necklace.

To make her this time a pearl jewel with a loooooots of pearls, as I have seen many in the shops in these days, I tried a new approach to the matter:

I took a nice light chain and started to add pearls to it with a thin silver wire. And oh, it took hours… Sometimes it felt as if I hadn’t done anything because the necklace looked the same as when beginning my session. To each single ring of the chain I added about ten pearls, so it is a loooot of pearls.

With the time I felt that the chain was also getting heavier also I used light wax pearls, so I decided that I would add pearls only on the part, which is really seen and let some part of the beautiful silver chain free of pearls. This would also help that the pearls would not tear on my mom’s long hair.

In order to make the necklace more interesting I used pearls different in size and colour. Mostly I used pearls in different shades of white, but sometimes I added also a light blue or pink one.

In the end it looked like this:

My mom called me after her birthday and said that she really liked it but unfortunately the mail had obviously been shaken so badly that many pearls had come of.

If you make this kind of pearl necklace, please check the chain that the links are well closed and that the pearls are not too firm together to avoid them breaking off during transportation.

The beauty of this necklace comes also from the fact that it changes slightly all the time. The pearls fall to a different place nearly every time as they are not too firm together. When they are able to move,the necklace also is not too stiff. I also recommend to end the pearl line on every side with having less and less pearls per link, so that it is not a too harsh ending where the chain itself comes into sight.


My first art clay course

Already for some time I had wished to start to work with art clay silver, but I thought that this is not really something easy to teach myself as I do with pearls or decoupage or sewing. In addition, what if I fall in love with art clay silver (as well) and I need an own oven and tools and so on. My table is already over full.

Then I saw a note in the internet that there is a course for Art clay silver for beginners here in Töölö in Helsinki and it can be paid with culture coupons we get at work. So of course I had to go to that course. Just for a try of course ;).

I signed up for a course at Hopeasavi.fi and here I am, after my course: completely in love with it, for sure, and happy owner of a first handmade silver jewel:

It took me not even two hours to get the pendant ready, the most difficult part was to find an idea. I took a stamper with a love letter test and pressed it onto the the flat clay. I liked the rough shape and did not much soften the edges – just as much that there are no sharp edges. Then I added a small flower for some texture. Ready – to dry and to burn and to polish.

Pearly times

I have refound my childhood’s hobby: pearl jewelry.

The shop for handicraft material was visited a lot of times in a week in order to buy all the necessary things I needed for my new hobby.

For the beginning I find it very important to establish a nice, multicolour archive for the inspiration to flow. Ordering in the internet would have been a lot cheaper, but I wanted everything now and immediately.

That is then how a lot of shiny tiny pearls found their way to my home. For some time it was my destiny sitting on the kitchen table and swearing about the pearls finding their way to the carpet.

The fascination of the teenager time was their immediately and so was luckily also my inspiration. I noticed that I made completely different jewelry than before.

It was my luck that christmas was about to come (after 2 months) and so I had a legal reason to sit long hours on my then new working table to make jewelry.

Here are a few of the pieces I then made as christmas presents:


and something for me:

You can find my pictures also in Flickr, set: handicraft and cooking.