Mobile phone bag and farewell card to colleague

Hello, back again with a short update. I have been spending my rare free time with just too much Farmville and some handicrafts. I have sewn several mobile phone bags, for example this one for me for the iPhone I use at work. Without having the mobile phone in a bag attached to the belt or waistband of my trousers or skirts, I will just forget about it and at those days I am always searching for the phone….

Another small project was to make a card for an intern who became a well loved colleague. But now that her internship ended, there was no way to give her an ordinary farewell card from the store. And this is what I came up with:

The letters were printed out from word and then cut out carefully so that only the down parts of the letters stayed attached. Then I pulled them out carefully to have a 3 D effect.

I hope this picture explains better what I mean:

More pictures at Flickr.


Handmade Christmas cards

For this year’s Christmas cards I experimented with pieces of an old jigsaw puzzle. If I would have a jigsaw puzzle with bigger pieces, I would have put the “merry Christmas” words onto the pieces, but the ones I took turned out to be too small for that, so I had to find other ideas.

First I took the jigsaw puzzle pieces and painted them over several times with white acrylic paint. I added some glitter to some pieces while the colour was still wet just to try out how it would look like. I should have added some lacquer onto the dried pieces to prevent the glitter from falling down (e.g. decoupage lacquer).

After I had dried the white acrylic paint over night on the other pieces, I tried out several other different ideas: some I decorated just with small star or snowflake stickers and onto some I pressed “Merry Christmas” or snowflake stamps. With the stamps I recommend you to let it dry over night once more and perhaps also put some clear lacquer onto it, because the stamp colour stays wet for a long time on the acrylic paint.

I especially liked the snowflake pattern in metallic pink so I used it quite often.

I also draw the outlines of three jigsaw puzzle pieces onto paper and cut it out. Turned out to look quite interesting.

On one card I added a small present: a Christmas tree decoration from Ikea:

With another card I punched out a reindeer on the corner and put some golden canvas behind it. On the picture you cannot see it properly, but I actually put two layers of the thin canvas behind it, so some golden lines are seen a little lighter and add some depth to it.

As usually my ideas were better than the cards, but feel free to use the idea (and link it to this page) and show me what you made out of it.

All of my cards are visible at Flickr, Set: Christmas cards.

Let me know what you think of these ideas? Anything you could use yourself on your cards?

New cards – for a new home

I have not yet posted my new cards as I was not sure, who will receive them and then it would not be a surprise.

In the last time several of my friends moved into a new home or are moving, so I tried out several different types of cards for this occasion.

The first card was for a very nice colleague. I made an arrow which becomes two arrows when opening the card. Unfortunately I did not realize that the paper I used was little too thin for the heavy paperback arrow, but the idea is what counts.

and this is how it looks from inside:

The letters ONNEA are made from thin masking tape, by the way a gorgeous tape for crafts as you can take it away again from the paper without any trace – the perfect tape for people who cannot tape straight lines (like me).

And here is still the other card:

It has a small door which can be opened, and there you find…

… the key for the new house, of course :).

More cards on Flickr, set handmade cards.

Card for retirement

As my mom has retired lately, I made her another card (to give her at the weekend when she receives the one for Mother’s Day). I know that she loved retiring and has spent her free time well with doing all the things she did not have the time or energy to do. So I thought this is the time to remember her to also relax.

There are beautiful papers and pictures to buy on the market, but sometimes you can have a good picture just by opening word or another office program: the cliparts offer a variety of funny pictures. Of course, some of you are also good drawers themselves, but I am afraid that I am not.

To make the card more interesting I punched the corners or the picture away with a circle puncher, pulling the paper’s corner only half into it, and using another corner puncher for one corner.

And this is then the card in the end. Muista rentoutua means Remember to Relax. Some pearly stones as bubbles made the card perfect – or at least good enough for a demanding beginner as I am.

Short evening blog entry

I have beend quite busy today. I invited a friend for a gilrs’ evening and today the sowing machine got its possibility to sing. I made a bag of a nice canvas, my friend made a necklace from styrox pearls and canvas. Unfortuntately, I cannot show you her part of course. So again this blog entry is about me as usual Winking smile.

First, I made a new card in the morning (and began another one).


The golden ring was in fact kind of a difficult problem as everything else was already in its place when I decided to add it as a detail. So I had to make a bigger oval and to cut a ring out with a sharp knife. Fortunately it worked out quite well.

For the next projects I also may have more material, as I today submitted a big order with the internet shop More paper, more ribbons, yippie!

Then of course I used my time wisely to prepare food and a chocolate-raspberry cake for the girls’ evening (I really have to remember to blog the recipe as soon as possible.

In the evening then I made a very colourful bag, which I like quite much:

Not bad for a person that hardly knows how to use a sewing machine, isn’t it?

Cards for parents of preterm babies

When reading in interesting other blogs last night, I stumbled over a lovely request (Kortteja Oulun yliopistollisen sairaalan keskosvauvoille) from MarikaVaan (in Finnish) where she asked for cardmakers to make cards for the hospital in Oulu. The cards will be given to the nurses of the station for preterm babies and they will use the cards to the parents of these babies when they reach a weight of one kilo. That is I think a gorgeous idea and of course, when there is a way to help by making cards, I am in!

I looked into my many lockers and was very surprised to find an Anne Geddes sticker that fit so perfectly that I had to use it. I hope it will make the parents smile when they receive the card.

I hope I will find more ideas to make some more, else I definitely have to remember to send them to MarikaVaan in time!