Ring with changeable background washer

In January I tried out different things, especially when making jewellery. Some things I still have to try to make better. One of my better notions was a ring with washers that I covered mith decoupage lacquer (mod podge) so that you can change them whenever you want. It was a late Christmas present for one of my best friends.

The project is quickly explained and done:

I tried out different papers:

1 tissue paper

2 Christmas present paper

3 scrapbooking paper

4 printed photograph on normal paper

5 thin paper

First I covered one side of the washers with mod podge and glued the paper onto them. One paper for each washer. When the papers were dried, I cut the paper to the size of the washer with a crafts knife. And that’s how they looked then:

The tissue paper ( nro 1) was surprisingly difficult, as it broke several times. Obviously the washer is just too smooth for the thin paper to attach to it. Still, I think it worked best, because it does not make sharp edges. Cutting the paper properly to the washer’s size is not too easy (for me). On a few washers I added some rhinestones with an applicator and one I covered with lace.

In the next step I knotted a ribon to a ring base, so that the knot is on the top.

To add a washer you just need to pull the ribbon’s ends though the washer’s hole and make a bow.

So that the present would look nice, I mod podged the top of a box and filled it with celluphane.

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