Gold foil necklace with mod podge

One of my favorite new projects is mod podging thin golden foil to wooden pearls. It is one big messy fight but I love how the foil forms little continents of the wood pearls.

First time I tried it out with simple white wooden beads.

With a thin brush I brushed the beads with a little mod podge and then with a pair of tweezers I laid the foil onto the lacquered surface. When I brushed the foil, sometimes it broke and formed smaller “continents” so it felt as if the foil decided itself how it would look like. It gave the project a nice random look and no pearl looks like the other.

The project took pretty much time, as I had to make a break always when I started to spoil the spots, already covered with foil. My fingers were nearly always covered with mod podge, as I was so concentrated on mod podging the pearls that I did not notice touching the wet surface all the time.

In the end I was pretty happy with the product so that I started to make one other as a present for my friend, this time on violet pearls. Picture will be published soon…


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